Monday, February 7, 2011

Something is Not Right Last Night

As i laid down on my bed..releasing all the pain enduring walk from my faculty this evening,the situation last night came to my thought.As if my mind pushing me to think over and over again to what happened last,i opened this blog,click on the new post tab, and begun writing my sudden,scary encounter with "The Other Dimension" creature..

Last night........

around 2-3 o'clock,i was browsing across the internet, searching evidence on e-books about the scariest hotel in the world,comparing all the website and facts to be written for my next post.I have done research and some reading about this topic 3 days ago and was ready to write the post.About 3.30 am,i typed the title, "Hotel Terseram di Dunia" and my eyes looked on the laptop screen as the words spelled on the title tab.

Later, i picked on one of the hotel and began typing.My room was gloomy and dark as i switched off the light so that my roommates can sleep comfortly.As i was typing suddenly, i heard an unexplained moan from a dark corner in my room.I stopped typing,scanning the room and continued writing with thought that the one making the noise was my roommate and i wrongly heard it coming from the wrong side.

Moving on to the next topic(hotel), a sudden chill run through my skin, an unexplained shivering and scary thought just came in.I just heard SOMETHING RUNNING ON THE CEILING..OMG..the 'best' thing was that my room was at the top floor,no one else was upstairs and whatever sound i heard must comes from something running ON THE CEILING.Realizing something is not right, i decided..its done for tonight.I changed the title of my post to,adding the Part 1 term,and closed the laptop.Suddenly i felt something grabbed my feet and start crawling up.I stood up,and searching all over with 'positive' thought..HAHAHA..JUST COCKROACHES...(no cockroaches was found later today as i searched back around the room).

Then,i just slept..with that thought,but i know..whatever 'thing' crawled up my feet last night,IT ISN'T COCKROACHES...

p.S - terpikir something,aku x baca Yasin pun sejak balik cuti Chinese New Year ri tu..nak gi solat lahh..baca Yasin kejap....huhu


  1. hahahaha :) takott la tu..
    mlm ni ada pulakk

  2. :p..siannya..u mana yg bnyk hntu sgt nie?

  3. UM...xde la bnyak sgt..stgh tempat je kot..die dtg menggatal...

  4. kau punye header pon !! astaghaa. sentap mak nyah !! hahaha

  5. haahaa..takut r 2...aku tahu ko penakut...

  6. pergh gila takot..tolonglah fhm,,tp biar bnda lain yg grab jgn lipas..sumpah takot lipas

  7. ahaha..lipas ok g dri benda bukan2 cam tue.....