Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Black Hole - Mind...Secret...Mystery

This is the first post regarding to my second reason of publishing this blog, understanding the dimension of space.Astronomy and all of that.The world beyond our imagination on the outer space where our eyes are the limiting factor of exploration, where our technology are the border to what we can overcome.The REAL God's knowledge that still remains a mystery.

That is the black Hole of our mind...The region that we are still trying to step on.the place we want to be.we want to explore.we want to see..

This is an illustration of blackhole.Not the real one..This is the real black hole...

Introducing one of the black hole..Cygnus 1..

Something about black hole is that:

- it core is said to be very very cold.....A black hole with the size of our Earth only have temperature of about 0.02 K

- black hole have its core of about a small point.That point is called the "singularity" point,point where all the physical properties such as density,mass and even time become infinite.

- its tasteless,odourless,undetectable.
- it absorbs all things even LIGHT.
- emits x-ray that can only be detected using x-ray telescope which is the first way astronomers first found about black hole.
- about 100,000,000 black hole is in the universe.
- almost 1 solar system was absorbed by black hole every year!!!!What the .....!!!!

Its remain a mystery how can this black hole absorbs so much thing..and where does the matter it absorbs go?Is it been transferred to other dimension that have parallel line of outer space like our universe?

If anybody ask you,where can actually the law of physics is not working..?


The answer is IN THE BLACK HOLE.This is the boundary that we still cannot solve.The God's creation that only our Creator can answer in this mean time.As this entry been edited, I realized that my journey as a future physicist(InsyaAllah), might require me to explore this mystery.SUBHANALLAH...its creation are far beyond our imagination.The more i learn, the more i feel afraid and respect our Lord..

Secret beyonds our reach..

p/s: I take this opportunity to introduce a great book written by Amir D.Aczel titled God's Equation.Feel free to search mr Google and mr E-books..But, i recommend u buy..

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  1. i really enjoyed reading this! you have a very quirky writing technique- it does annoy me that you think "god" created the universes, but i'm not having a go :L