Monday, February 7, 2011

Churp Churp Crazee Causa

Its been a while since i joined Nuffnang and promoting its ads.And joining Churp Churp as a part of community that promoting more about Nuffnang activities and all the campaigns it brought along make its a lot of's more fun when u can actually post ur new entry there so that u can be seen..Its a part of community and community supports U..>.< The best part is that for every campaign u supports and u promote..if others support that campaign u get commission for what u promoting...Here is overview of Churp Churp How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

Come,join us!!be with us!!

p.s - cuba menjadi promoter berjaya..haha...ntah berjaya ke x...

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