Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt = Crisis = (=.=")

X-12 was very concerned with what is happening this week.It looks like more and more devastating things happened in Egypt.One of X-12 friend studying there reported that the condition there was so uncalming.Some of his friends there also claims that Malaysian students there was in horrifying situation.Some rumour also said that there are even students that have been raped and killed by the criminals escaping from the prison.

Lets hope that all 11000 Malaysian students that was currently there,is safe and not harmed by those criminals.X-12 hopes this situation will calm down sooner or later..=.="

Here are some images from Google..X-12 hopes that my friend will comes back safe and sound...=.="

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ghost Adventures..the new review of Paranormal

With only 3 crew members...
almost 7 hours of lockdown...
in the scariest,most active paranormal sites around the world..
This episodes of paranormal brings chill to the spine of every paranormal lovers..
Dreamed to become one of the crew...
To be lockdown in the other dimension of the world with the 'creature' must be awesome for them..

Moreover, the best things about this episodes is that, it don't even look like an act and all the action, the encounters, the apparition and all the sounds spirit made in this episode was pure and originally clipped..So...lets watch this awesome episodes..look how this 3 crew members(Zak,Nick and Aaron)..face their fear,their "Hell" in the most adventurous 7 hours lockdown in the most scariest paranormal place...Jom tengokk!!!!Here are the link..

Youtube pun ada meyhhhh!!!

Picture Analysis-1st part

This famous ghost photograph was taken in 1891 by Sybell Corbett at
Combermere Abbey in Cheshire, England.  It is believed to be of Lord
Combermere, who apparently returned to visit his library.  The camera was set
up in the library and left to record the area for about an hour.  Older cameras
took a while to record an image.  When the photograph was developed, this
image of a man appeared in the photo.  Very few people were in the house
when the picture was captured, as the Lord himself was being buried during
this time.  Had anyone entered the room and sat in the chair for a few minutes,
an image like this would have been recorded.   The family's butler insisted that
no one had entered the room.This picture remains a mystery that leads many paranormal to this abbey.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Beginning

This blog is published mainly to investigate more and more about ghosts,paranormal adventures and many other things related to the other dimension of the world.The world that cannot be imagined and being seen by our own naked eyes..Since space and the binding and correlations between galaxies and solar system also correlates between each other, we will also learn more about space...what its look like and how it can be related to more other things...Thank you for visiting the blog.More information will later be given,provided.I will try my best.Thanx again...!!!!