Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt = Crisis = (=.=")

X-12 was very concerned with what is happening this week.It looks like more and more devastating things happened in Egypt.One of X-12 friend studying there reported that the condition there was so uncalming.Some of his friends there also claims that Malaysian students there was in horrifying situation.Some rumour also said that there are even students that have been raped and killed by the criminals escaping from the prison.

Lets hope that all 11000 Malaysian students that was currently there,is safe and not harmed by those criminals.X-12 hopes this situation will calm down sooner or later..=.="

Here are some images from Google..X-12 hopes that my friend will comes back safe and sound...=.="


  1. sanding hunters to bring him down! big ghost of Egypt! :B

  2. hope they will be okay and safe there too.